Like in families, you can’t tell who your favorite son or daughter is, that’s why we wont choose between our martinis…

(……but if we had to, this would be it. Don’t tell the others)


45ml- morning bondi gin

15ml Lilliet

10ml st germain

5ml Rosemary syrup

Step by step:

1.Prepare the coup:

Get the coup nice a cold by putting some ice and water while you prepare your drink. It WILL                      make a big difference.

  1. In a glass jar pour the ingredients described above, a big spoon of ice and gently stir until the outside of the jar is tarnished. It’s a good sign that it has reach the perfect temperature.
  2. Empty your coup, now cold and perfect for your drink
  3. Before pouring your drink in the coup, add some extra ice in the jar so it gets a very fresh and icy texture.