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Morning Bondi- A gin that mirrors the ocean


Weird? Or a genius idea?

Amaury Tregeur is somewhat of a local icon in Bondi despite his french origins. Every morning you will find Amaury somewhere between North Bondi and Clovelly either exercising, chatting with friends or taking photos of Bondi.

credits to Amaury Tregeur
credits: Amaury Tregeur

What better way to capture the spirit of Bondi than combining the photographic talents of one of Bondi's best and creating a gin to match it.

After going back and forth on some recipe ideas, we realized the answer was right in front of us – what do we think of when we think of Bondi? – we think of the beach and the ocean. So let's create a gin that reminds us of the ocean. And thus the idea was born.

Many many trials later we finally landed on a balance of flavours and aromas that just worked. Individually the botanics of salt and seaweed are somewhat disgusting. But balanced in harmony with juniper and orange peel, we managed to create a sensory style gin that when you close your eyes you could almost imagine being on the beach at bondi with surfboard in hand.

Faint aromas of beach and ocean air greets you, like you have just opened the car door when you arrive at the beach. The flavour is surprisingly subtle, more about juniper and orange peel. The finishing notes of subtle saline make this the special gin that it is. It is almost like you are walking out of the ocean after a quick dip in the morning with salty lips.

What was supposed to be a limited edition gin, has won the right to live on our shelf permanently.

At first, we named it " Saltwater gin" but after some consideration we decided to rename it to Morning Bondi, cause let's face it. That was the name it was meant to carry.

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